20,904 Traffic fines issued in November
A total of 20,904 traffic fines were issued to the motorists in Abu Dhabi during the last month for various traffic violations in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs as a part of intensified traffic safety campaign by the department according to Colonel Gaith Al Zaabi, director of the traffic and patrols department at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police.
Among the violations 4508 were parking the vehicles in the non parking areas,3411 for not using the seat belts,277 parking in the restricted areas,1732 not keeping the proper lanes,2350 for blocking the way,737 for crossing the red lights,632 for using the mobiles while driving,571 for parking in the area meant for the fire brigade and specially challenged ,366 for not using the fog lamps,337 for improper tyres,211 for not renewing the registration,231 for violation of glass tinting regulations and many other violations included in issuing the fines.
Col. Al Za’abi also cautioned the cyclist from using roads and asked them to use only specified areas for cycling such as the corniche and said 71 cycles were confiscated for the traffic violations during the last month.
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