16 research papers presented on prevention of traffic 
accident presented at the conference



A total of 16 research papers were presented by the experts during the various sessions of the PRI congress that is being held at the Emirates Place hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The researchers and experts included from the Arab and European countries.They have deliberated various issues related to traffic accidents.

Professor Andrea Costano from the Italian society of road traumatology presented his research paper on medical treatment and rehabilitation of the accident victims. The paper highlighted the importance of first aid and rapid action in dealing with accident recovery.

 The paper also sited the importance of the treatment and rehabilitation of the victims.

Duarte Nuno Vieira ,director of the national institute of forensic  medicine ,Portugal stressed the importance of autopsy in his paper presentation.

Jesus Martines Armesto from Spain discussed the strategies and the role of emergency and medical services for the rescue on the spot of the accident.

Dr. Charles Mercier Guyon ,director of the medical research center ,France focused on the reasons of increasing accidents even in the developed countries and the measures to reduce it.

Mr. frank van west from the foundation of the automobile society, united kingdom made his presentation on the improvement of vehicles safety standards.

Dr. Ala Al Bakri ,professor and president of the GCTIC of Jordan discussed the issues related to technical engineering and safety challenges in the Arab world in his presentation.

Magnus Hsalmdahi from the national ITS strategy from Sweden spoke about the safe communication between the vehicle and the driver and dr Leonard Evans president science serving society USA and a traffic safety expert discussed the issues related to the network design and human factors involved in traffic accidents and the engineering strategies to reduce the traffic accidents.

Saul Jeavons ,the head of investigations and risk management spoke of road safety audits ,while Rtd Gen. Mohammad Bsoul ,a legal consultant from Jordan spoke about the necessary legislation requirements for reducing traffic accidents .

Rollend Allen from the traffic police network, United Kingdom spoke about the enforcement strategies and the role of the Police.Mr. Fredman from the institute of road safety research ,Netherlands spoke about the need of enforcement on speed limits for assuring traffic safety.

Dr. Samy Mahmoud ,the Dean and professor of systems engineering presented his paper on role of intoxication and road accidents.

Dr. Mahjoub from the Tunis university, Ray Shuhey from Australia Mieke schevelenbos,Head of communications ,BIVV-IBSR ,Dr. Anja Konche, federal highway institute. Gehad ,Michela Davis and Ms Karin Webber from the education of children in EU were among others who presented their research works.

Each session was attended by number of participants from around the world and all

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