16,447 traffic violations


Traffic police in Abu Dhabi have registered 16,447 traffic violations from April 8-14 this month. Most of the violations involved speeding and stopping in forbidden areas that hampered traffic flow.

Captain Saif Al Darei, Head of investigations and traffic violations section of the traffic department said, speeding topped with 10,645 violations, which were detected by the radar and 1,199 violations registered last week for violations of over speeding

He added that 2,041 violations were registered for non fastening of safety belts ,1,082 for stopping in forbidden places ,513 for hampering traffic flow ,162 for not adhering to traffic regulations,244 for using cell phones while driving,171 for not leaving enough space between vehicles ,246 for parking in places allotted for special needs and 43 violations for jumping the red lights, he added.

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