1400 female students from Al Shawamekh School for Elementary and Secondary Education benefited from the awareness campaign of the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Directorate of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. The campaign focuses on instilling the values of love of the country and promotes the law respect culture.

Lieutenant Abdullah Mohammed Al Muhairi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau explained the concept of positive patriotism, which carries a number of meanings and aspects, to reflect the wider scene of cohesion in the UAE’s society, as well as the collaboration to embody the true meaning of positive patriotism.

He also discussed the rights and duties of both society and its members. He noted that the values and behavior of the UAE citizen, aim to raise Emirati citizens aware of their responsibility towards their country, family, and society.

Lieutenant Al Muhairi stressed the importance of holding on to the national identity, as it is one of the concepts of loyalty and belonging to the UAE. He also pointed to the role of the family in cementing the values of loyalty in their children to become more attached to their country, and traditions.

He urged the students to double efforts in their pursuit of education, and stressed the importance of righteous manners, self-discipline and treating others with kindness, to reflect the values of the Emirati citizens which are derived from the righteous teachings of Islam, and our Arabic heritage. He confirmed that the concept of loyalty is promoting the belonging to the country, deepening the positive values and behaviors of the citizens, as well as enhancing the spirit of patriotism; in addition to strengthening the sense of belonging to the country and loyalty to its leadership.

The students also benefited from the law respect culture awareness raising campaign, as Lt. Al Muhairi explained the concept and the importance of this culture to all segments of society. He noted that it helps make members of society more adherent to laws; in addition, it provides a crime-free environment, which preserves the safety and security of societies, by promoting, spreading, and adhering to the law culture.

Lt. Al Muhairi also reviewed the justifications for respecting laws, as he explained that the law defines the rights and duties of individuals in society, protects and preserves those rights, and provides equality for everyone. He said that individuals should seek the basic legal knowledge that protects them in all of their actions.
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