14,227 new edition of number plates issued in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Police to open two new registration centers soon
The vehicle registration departments at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police have issued a total of 14,227 new five series edition of number plates in Abu Dhabi.
The department will also open two more registration centers in Abu Dhabi. The new ones will be operating at the Al Masood automobiles and the other at al jabber automobiles said Major Suhail Al Kutbi, chief of the vehicle registration department at the General headquarters.
The new centers will also be authorized to collect the registration fees, issue the registration books, number palates and insurance related services. Major Al Kutbi said that the soon to be opened centers will make it more convenient for the public in obtaining all services related to their vehicle registration.
There will not be any need to go to the vehicle registration department.  About 190 to 210 new edition of number plates are being released per day he added.
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