Lt. General Saif Abdullah Al Sha’far, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior attended the graduation ceremony held at the Police College’s Al Ittihad Hall for the following courses: Intermediate Leadership course No. 52; Senior Leadership course No. 74; Basic Criminal Investigation courses, A and B; and the Basic Traffic course. The five courses, which were organized by the Police Officers Training Institute, witnessed the participation of 135 police officers from various headquarters, general directorates, and departments of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on the UAE level.

The graduation ceremony was also attended by Colonel Saif Al Ketbi, Police College  Director; Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Ahmed Al Khuzaimi, Chief of International Conventions Section, International Cooperation Department; in addition to heads of departments, chiefs of sections, and a number of officers from the Police Officers Training Institute at the Police College.

Lt. General Al Sha’far watched a documentary with the audience that highlighted the stages of qualification and training that the graduates completed during the courses of the Police Officers Training Institute at Police College.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Al Khuzaimi delivered a speech and said, “Today we celebrate the graduation of an elite group of MoI officers. This achievement coincides with the celebration of the MoI winning awards in governmental excellence, and represents another responsibility for us to continue our distinguished work for both our beloved country and higher leadership.”

“The graduates have gained various knowledge and skills that prepare them for the requirements of the new phase of their careers,” Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Al Khuzaimi continued. “These courses also help them cope with the challenges that the MoI faces, and refines their capabilities and skills by providing them with information and experiences that further enhance the development of police work. The graduates have made many field visits to a number of the vital national institutions and after viewing the workflow there, are now able to use these experiences as leverage in their various work fields.”

Furthermore, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Al Khuzaimi pointed out that the graduates have provided the MoI by with over 60 developmental proposals through their work papers. “These proposals have been registered within the proposals system in order to support the strategic objectives of the MoI,” he added.

Concluding his speech, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Al Khuzaimi encouraged graduates to harness their abilities for the benefit of the UAE, and called upon them to double their efforts to protect the national gains that have been made in all areas. Wishing all the best in luck and success, he also extended his gratitude for those who took part in implementing the courses, and for the efforts of the lecturers, supervisors, and coordinators in refining the graduates’ knowledge.

Major Dr. Saud Salim Al Junaibi delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates and expressed their gratefulness for the officials at the MoI for enlisting them in the training courses and for their ongoing keenness in both developing and uplifting the capabilities and skills of all the MoI staff. Major Dr. Al Junaibi also thanked the officials at the Police College for their applied efforts a in advancing the training processes.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Lt. General Al Sha’far accompanied by Colonel Saif Al Ketbi, Police College Director, honored Advisor Ali Al Kanadi and Captain Ahmad Mohammed Mohsen Al Haj from Dubai Police, in recognition of their efforts and contributions in the success of the courses. Then, they distributed certificates to the graduates.

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