The Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Emirates Autism Society, has distributed as many as 1260 Iftar meals at the main bus station in Abu Dhabi over the course of two days,. This humanitarian initiative aims to revive the values of solidarity among community members during the Holy Month of Ramadan. It also falls in line with the “In the Footsteps of Zayed” initiative, organized by the Emirates Autism Society, to mark the Zayed Humanitarian Day.

Volunteers from the Community Police Department at the Abu Dhabi Police joined hand with autistic individuals, in coordination with the Emirates Autism Society, as they distributed snacks to fasting commuters at the station before the Maghrib call to prayer. A total of 540 Iftar meals were distributed on Monday and another 720 Iftar meals on Wednesday.

First Lieutenant Mubarak Hadef Al Khaili, Volunteers Branch Manager at the Community Police Department, supervised the humanitarian initiative. The Abu Dhabi Police was represented by Lieutenant Fahd Salem Al Kaabi; First Assistant Sahmi Al Hajri; First Assistant Abdullah Al Ameri; and 9 volunteers from the Community Police Department.

Dr. Khawla Al Saadi, Chairman of the Emirates Autism Society; Salem Ali Al Hosani, Vice Chairman; Majid Sultan Al Mehairi, Treasurer; and 13 autistic individuals and their families were present on behalf of the Emirates Autism Society.

First Lieutenant Al Khaili noted that this initiative aims to revive the values of solidarity among community members during the Holy Month of Ramadan, which is characterized with its atmosphere of worship and faith, sublime meanings and noble values. “This initiative aims to strengthen partnership with all sectors of society,” pointed out First Lieutenant Al Khaili.

Furthermore, he indicated that the Iftar meals distribution initiative has been carried out by Abu Dhabi Police throughout the holy month of Ramadan of each year, as an expression of social cohesion, which is a feature of UAE society. He added: “This initiative falls in line with the ‘Zayed Humanitarian Day’ initiative that aims to inculcate the values of giving and philanthropy that late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan exemplified.”

For her part, Dr. Khawla Al Saadi said: “The heartwarming interaction between the autistic individuals and the Volunteers Branch at Abu Dhabi Police during the distribution of these Iftar meals contributed to achieve the main objective of the ‘In the Footsteps of Zayed’ event, which aims to integrate autistic people in society and motivate community members to take part in their various activities. It also highlights the role that autistic people can play in the field of humanitarian work and giving; following in the footsteps of late Sheikh Zayed, May God have mercy on his soul.”

Moreover, Dr. Al Saadi expressed her heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Abu Dhabi Police, the Volunteers Branch, and all those who contributed efforts to ensure the success of this joint initiative with autistic people.

It is worth mentioning that the “In the Footsteps of Zayed” event was launched on the first day of Ramadan. The contest will run from Ramadan first until the 14th, during which autistic people will carry out humanitarian and charitable works, in a tribute to Sheikh Zayed’s acts of goodness and kindness, and following in his footsteps. Results of the contest will be announced on Ramadan 17th, and winners will plant a tree. The closing ceremony will be held on Ramadan 18th after the Taraweeh prayers in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

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