12 Training courses for the Community Policing staff during the current year

Captain Mubarak Awad Bin Mihairom, Head of the Community Policing Section in the GHQ Abu Dhabi Police, had emphasized the continuity of the training courses for the Community Policing staff, all the year round, in order to improve and develop their performance, and be able to do their tasks and duties properly.

This statement was given on the occasion of graduating a number of the warrant officers and staff from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western region Police Directorates, who participated in a one month specialized training course in the field of Community Policing, in coordination with the Department of Strategy and Performance Development, and presented by the Community Policing experts.

This specialized course was the first one in addition to the other (12) training courses intended to be conducted during the current year, concentrating on the basics and duties of the Community policing staff. 

Captain Bin Mihairom also focused on the great concern of H. H the Minister of Interior, to qualify the human recourses, and the continued follow up of Brigadier Mohammad Al Awadi Al Minhali, A/ Director General of the Police Operations. The Captain continued saying that,  these specialized courses shall be conducted on a continuing basis during this year, together with the other additional courses which will tackle a number of pivotal issues such as dealing with the public, developing the skills of security sense or perception, the skills of preparing the security reports and so on.   
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