By Sunday morning, the Al Ghuwaifat Border crossing logged in as many as 12,426 pilgrims returning to the UAE after completing their Hajj journey to the Holy Land. The Abu Dhabi Police has cooperated with the concerned authorities at the border point to ensure a speedy completion of all transactions and provide them with all means of comfort to alleviate their tiresome and long journey.

Major Salim bin Tassah Al Ameri, Chief of Al Ghuwaifat Border Point Police Section, noted that a total of 544 tour buses have crossed the border by Sunday evening.

Furthermore, he indicated that the concerned entities at the border point have doubled their efforts to streamline procedures and transactions for pilgrims. “Check-in procedures of a bus transporting 40 pilgrims were completed within minutes, while the pilgrims are provided with all means of comfort,” he stressed.

Major Al Ameri explained that while the tour operators collected passports, the pilgrims were received in a special tent, equipped with necessary amenities, with a tent allocated for women. All entities operating the border point were ready to receive the pilgrims, and to provide them with all sorts of security, humanitarian, logistical services and speedy completion of their transactions. The border point police intensified their patrols within the border point and the main street leading up to the crossing, while additional signs and barriers were installed to facilitate the movement of pilgrims, in addition to a mobile workshop providing repair services for tour buses and other vehicles.

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