Director-General of Human Resources at the Ministry of Interior, Brig. Ali Mohammed bin Darweesh attended the graduation ceremony of 107 police recruits at the qualifying course number 14. 

The event was held at the federal police school in Sharjah, in the presence of Brig. Ahmed Abdullah Al Hajeri, director of the School and a number of heads of sections and police officers.
In a speech in this occasion, Darweesh emphasized that the concepts of modernization and keeping abreast with new developments have become a strategy adopted by the Ministry of Interior.
"The specialized training courses and programs implemented by the police academies, colleges and schools countrywide, reflect the keenness of the Ministry on developing its cadres and enhancing their job skills”, he added. 
 “The graduates of this course added a lot to the police organization in the country. They were trained on the latest police and security systems and gained more skills and expertise in order to carry out their police duties efficiently” he said.
For his part, Major Hamed Abdullah Al Riyami, head of students’ affairs at the School, noted that the course attracted 107 persons from different headquarters and directorates general at the Ministry of Interior. The program consisted of two disciplines, academic and practical.
|He asserted keenness of the School on developing the curricula of training courses in light of the criteria and principles which were set by the Ministry, to attain quality in performance.
At the end of the ceremony, Brig. Darweesh, together with Brig Al Hajeri, distributed prizes and certificates to the outstanding and the graduates.
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