10,815 tickets issued for traffic violations in one month in the Capital
A total of 10,815 Traffic fines were issued by the Traffic and patrols Police during the last one month period for various traffic violations in the capital.
9,338 tickets were issued on the spot and 477 were issued in absence said Lt.Col.Ahmed Al Shehi head of the traffic and patrols department at the General headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police.
Among the various violations ,parking in the prohibited areas topped the list with 2,955 fines ,2799 tickets were issued for not using safety belts,315 for breaking the no entry rules,45 for jumping red signal,416 for using mobiles while diving,362 for parking in front of fire hydrants and place meant for the special needs people .53 tickets were issued for not renewing the registration ,53 for driving in wrong direction.
45 pedestrians were also fined for violating various rod regulations.114 fines were issued for not following the traffic signals. Colonel Al Shehi called upon the motorists and all other road users to strictly adhere to the traffic regulations and not to invite traffic fines and other legal actions.
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