Sunday 10 October 2010:


"Emirates Team" receives
 a certificate of appreciation from the Government of Indonesia


ADP GHQ has received from the Government of Indonesia a Certificate of Appreciation, presented to Emirates Search and Rescue Team, for its heroic achievements in offering logistic support to search and rescue operations, helping victims of the earthquake which hit Bandung City at Sumatra Island in Indonesia last year.

The Certificate was received on behalf of the Emirates Search and Rescue Team, by Major Mohammad Abdul Jaleel Al Anssari, Regional Chairman of International Search and rescue Organization for Europe, Africa and the Middle East Sector and Field Liaison Officer between MoI and the United Nations in Disasters. The Certificate was presented by the Indonesian Disasters Management Agency, on behalf of Indonesian government, during the participation of a delegation from ADP GHQ in the first meeting of the International Search and Rescue Organization, hosted by Japan.

Major Al Anssari has expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Indonesian Government and its Representatives for this honoring which is considered as a medal of honor for all those working in this field. It also represents an incentive for further and more efforts in humanitarian operations, which it would not have existed without the direct support of HH Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and close follow up by Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Reisi, Director general of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police.

He said "Emirates Search and Rescue Team receives great care and attention from HH the Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Interior, as part of HH keenness to give humanitarian role and duty top priority, to highlight national abilities in search and rescue areas for friendly countries in cases of disasters and to represent the country in an honorable way".

"The Team comprises number of well trained and qualified national cadres and provided with advanced equipment and tools. They are prepared to participate in international and local exercises, in addition to quick response to duties and tasks, and initial assistance in search and rescue areas all over the world", added Al Anssari. 

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