‚ÄčThe General Directorate of Civil Defense - Abu Dhabi has developed new innovations within three modern and advanced systems that enhance the performance of fire functions with high professionalism, reflecting positively on achieving the highest degree of safety to protect individuals and property within a system of work adopted in accordance with the best practices developed globally. 

Lt. Col. Omar Salem Al-Shehhi explained that the technical department teams have chosen the best modern and advanced systems with fire engines, which have played a distinct role in reducing the weight of the vehicle and maintaining its balance and stability at turns and reducing the consumption of foam and water.

He pointed out that the first system is the balance ball system, explaining that there is in the tank of the vehicle 420 balance balls that work to resist the mass of water, which leads to stability and balance in turns even if the tank is half full.

According to the second system, the structure of the vehicle was changed from the previously used materials to a mixture of polyethylene and polypropalin, which gives rigidity, lightness and flexibility in the structure of the vehicle and the characteristics of the material that prevent corrosion and increase in life span and rotate by 100% and withstand high temperatures of more than 150 degrees.

He pointed out that the third system known as "one7" works according to the mechanism of compressed air and converts the diameter of one water into 7 drops foam, pointing out that the previous systems were working to convert one piece of water into a bubble or two, which reduces water consumption by 75% and foam by 98%.

He added: It contributes to increasing the performance of water lines in terms of strength and reducing the pressure on their employees firefighters and the arrival of foam material to high altitudes of up to 400 meters.
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