The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior organized an awareness lecture for female staff members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police. The lecture tackled the topic of law culture and its important role in bringing up a generation that respects the laws and regulations in society.

During the lecture, Milan Sharif, researcher at the Law Respect Culture Bureau, explained that modern children upbringing methods have become an individual science that no educator can ignore its basics and origins, especially in modern societies where many challenges face children. “The significant openness that our societies are witnessing has increased the negative knowledge-related risks that target all age segments, alter their mindset, and shake their confidence in their values and beliefs,” Milan Sharif explained. “These risks have added to the already huge burden of parents’ responsibilities in establishing a strong and confident character that can face these challenges.”

The lecturer also elaborated on the scientific basis of education that should be based on understanding the child character, and the levels of his psychological and mental development, in addition to the main objectives that the educator should aim to achieve on each level. In addition to that, the educators should identify the necessary needs for achieving the educational objectives that are related to the family, society, and the child himself.

Furthermore, Milan Sharif also explained that the educational mistakes that some families unintentionally commit create the incentives that encourage the children or pave the way for them to enter the dangerous world of delinquency and crime. She also asserted that achieving balance is the core objective of education. “Educators should rely on the principle of ‘No excess yet no negligence’ either in control, discipline, freedom, or independence,” she stressed.

In addition to that, the lecturer reviewed the punishments that the UAE laws have stipulated for each illegal behavior no matter how trivial, such as causing minor injuries or traffic violations, in addition to minor misdemeanors such as swearing, insults, or minor thefts. The laws also cover crime-related acts such as killing, and drugs possession, abuse or trading. The UAE laws also cover cyber crimes and the related punishments that the laws have included in the latest amendments.

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