The second ‘knowledge session’ initiative held under the theme “Excellence Methodologies”, the Abu Dhabi Police reviewed the mechanisms to engage staff members, encourage them to pursue excellence and creativity. The session that was attended by 38 government entities took place at the Police Officers Club in Abu Dhabi, is part of the knowledge sessions initiative that was launched by the Abu Dhabi Excellence Program (ADEP) at the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi.

In his opening speech, Colonel Thani Butti Al Shamesi, Head of the Training Department at Abu Dhabi Police and Head of the Excellence Culture Spreading Team stressed that the growing interest in spreading the culture of excellence in government bodies and companies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is the key factor to improve government performance and enhance organizational excellence, in the quest to achieve sustainable development and encourage creativity in all its forms.

Additionally, Colonel Al Shamesi said: “The culture of excellence becomes the building block for innovation and uniqueness. This is strong evidence of the progress and evolution of institutional work.” Furthermore, he noted that the forum reflects joint government action aimed at promoting a culture of government excellence, and opening channels of communication in a bid to learn from the best applicable practices to build successful and positive partnerships that contribute to achieving common goals.

Colonel Al Shamesi underlined the importance of excellence achieved by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in particular and by the UAE in general. “This excellence paves the way towards building a bright future for our children and grandchildren,” he indicated. He added that loyalty and dedication at work must be supported by the implementation of the latest practices and global standards of excellence, in a bid to fulfill the wise leadership’s aspirations of making the UAE an oasis of prosperity, progress and wealth.

For his part, First Lieutenant Saad Al Junaibi, Technical Affairs Branch Manager at the Organizational Excellence Department, tackled the appropriate measures to design and build the excellence methodology. He said: “The process begins by adopting the excellence standard, forming a team to achieve the objective, and approving the appropriate mechanisms and work rules between the teams.” First Lieutenant Al Junaibi gave a presentation highlighting the ways to prepare, design and document methodologies. The presentation featured workshops, exercises and discussions.

Ihab Mohammed Naji, Quality and Excellence Specialist at the Strategy and Performance Development Department, gave an overview of organizational excellence and the mechanism to build and develop excellence methodologies. He also highlighted the various tools to assess methodologies and outcomes, through work instructions, procedures and regulations in an accurate and precise way.

Participants agreed that such workshops contribute to enhance and share staff members’ expertise to boost performance. Laila Al Zarouni, Head of the Training and Occupational Development Department at ZonesCorp (Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones) in Abu Dhabi, stressed the importance of the workshop, for reviewing opinions and exchanging experiences between institutions affiliated with the Abu Dhabi government. “We are extremely happy to be able to benefit from the Abu Dhabi police’s experience, which seek constantly to develop the adopted regulations,” she said. 

Dr. Moudhi Mohammed Al Nahyan, Director of the Health Authority Projects, emphasized that the workshop highlighted the difference between the methodology and procedures. “The workshop allowed us to identify the different levels and positions of methodologies within an organization, their main features and components, the means to link the methodology with the strategy of the organization; and the methodologies management tool,” she noted.

Ahmed Abdulrahmann Al Barkani, Director of Institutional Development Department at the Department of Economic Development (DED), said: “We have examined the Abu Dhabi Police’s experience in their quest to achieve excellence, by developing standards, methodologies and processes and learned how to best apply them in the various fields related to our work.” Salman Ahmed, Head of the Executive Affairs Section at the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, underlined the significant importance of organizing such distinguished workshops to build methodologies.

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