Workshops and internal sessions continue at the Civil Defense General Command with a view to set forth the strategic approach and priority initiatives pertaining to the Civil Defense Sector at the countrywide level for the next five years “2017-2021”, pursuant to the plan adopted by the Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior.

Major General Jassem Muhammad Al Marzouqui, Civil Defense General Commander-in-chief, stressed the General Command’s keenness to improve all of the services provided to society by launching numerous initiatives and projects that support the UAE government visions and achieve the strategic goals of the Ministry of Interior.

He said: “It is mandatory o engage all internal entities at the Civil Defense in the development process, in order to identify the outcomes of past experiences and transform improvement opportunities into real and tangible results that would ensure business continuity, according to the best local and international practices.,

First Lieutenant Hamid Al Ali, Director of the Expert Consultants Unit for the Civil Defense sector, gave a presentation, showcasing the major outcomes of past workshops and practical recommendations for the gap analysis process, in order to link them to the workshops’ main topics. These topics were divided according to the different services provided by the Civil Defense sector, such as control, operations, prevention, awareness, resources, training and IT.

In conclusion, First Lieutenant Al Ali noted that multiple important initiatives and projects were established, based on the strategic challenges and cases. He said that all of the outcomes will be aligned and adopted in a standardized strategic framework, and a comprehensive development plan, to be ultimately linked to the performance indicators to measure the efficiency of the plan.

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