Friends of the Police Summer Program kicked off on Sunday. A total of 120 children of officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilians working at Abu Dhabi Police are participating in the program that continues to January 6 in Abu Dhabi.

The program is organized by the Cultural and Social Activity Section of the Clubs Department for the sons and daughters of officers who are between the ages of 7 and 14. The program activities include recreational visits, cruises, and a number of tours at police departments, along with shooting and horse riding exercises.

Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamsi, Chief of the Cultural and Social Activities Section at Abu Dhabi Police, of the Clubs Department, noted that the objective of the program is to keep children occupied during their leisure time throughout the first semester holidays. “The time with these children is dedicated to providing them with activities that develop their skills, knowledge, and experience alongside their physical and mental abilities,” he said. “The activities are character-building and foster a sense of responsibility, which enables them to participate in further spreading security awareness throughout our society. It also aims to introduce them to the nature of police work and to encourage them to be more innovative and creative.”

 “The program includes a number of physical, social, sports and recreational activities, such as competitions, self-defense, memorizing Qur’an, field trips, as well as other programs and visits to police work locations,” he added. “All the club facilities have been prepared for the arrival of the children and provide suitable services to ensure their safety in order to enable them to benefit from the program and its events. Awards were allocated and contests were prepared to choose outstanding participants in each activity and event in order to promote fair competition and fun among participants.”

Colonel Al Shamesi stressed the need for parents to monitor their children by enrolling them in centers and clubs that provide constructive programs and activities, encouraging them to increase their skills and potential, acquainting them with the appropriate activities for them, especially those that are related to the use of efficient modern technologies. He concluded that the various police departments will work to ensure comfort and serve the participating children.

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