The Clubs and Sports Activities Department at the General Directorate of Finance and Services at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarter organizes various activities and events throughout the year. These activities target members of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Abu Dhabi Police and their families. The department also participates and hosts various events and ceremonies organized by external entities.

Comprehensive Annual Plan

Colonel Aref Saif Al Shamesi, Head of the Clubs and Sports Activities Department, stressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to providing various cultural and social events and activities to its members and their families. The Cultural and Social Activity Section sets an annual plan that covers training courses, workshops, and lectures on various topics which are organized in cooperation with internal and external partners. The events are usually held at the department premises, as it is equipped with facilities to host such activities, including an auditorium, computer hall, and swimming pools.

He also noted that the department is committed to organizing ceremonies on various events, national holidays, and religious events. The department also works on developing the cultural level of the police members’ children. It also works to augment their skills, security and cultural awareness, and occupy their leisure time with “Friends of the Police” programs during school vacations. The department regularly recognizes distinguished students and highlights their excellent academic performance to encourage them to continue these efforts.

Various Courses and Events
For his part Colonel Saif Al Shamesi, Head of Cultural and Social Activity Section at the Clubs and Sports Activities Department, noted that the department organized 24 events and training courses last year that involved 2,601 members from the MoI, Abu Dhabi Police, their families, and external individuals.

He also pointed out that the activities included courses on first aid, handcraftsmanship, swimming, computer and internet courses, among others. The department also organized “Friends of the Police” programs which target MoI members’ children and are held during school vacations. These programs aim to provide children with skills, knowledge, and experiences that develop their intellectual and physical capabilities to help build their personality, foster their sense of responsibility, encourage them to show further innovation and creativity, and introduce them to the nature of police work .

Abu Dhabi Police in History

Colonel Al Shamesi also noted that the department took part in a number of external cultural events last year. These events included the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, Qasr Al Hosn Festival, and Sultan bin Zayed Marine Heritage Festival. The members of the Abu Dhabi Police participated while wearing the traditional police uniform from 1957, and demonstrating the role of the police members in the past, especially guarding duties previously called (Al-Khafarah).

2016 Plan

Major Yaqoub Al Hammadi, Events Branch Manager at the Cultural and Social Activities Section, stressed the commitment to increase the number of activities during this year’s plan by diversifying the topics of the courses and programs that target various participants. The courses cover educational, entertainment, cultural, and social aspects in order to benefit greater numbers of MoI and Abu Dhabi Police members and their families. External individuals also benefit from various events and activities. These programs are supervised by qualified trainers, officers, and individuals from the Clubs and Sports Activities Department.
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