Abu Dhabi Police arrested two drug dealers (visitors) on charges of possessing heroin powder hidden inside a secret roll inside the pad of a leather shoe (sandals). The suspects aimed to distribute the drugs among members of the society.

Colonel Sultan Suwayeh Al Darmaki, Chief of the Anti-Drug Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said that the dealers (Asians) were arrested in Al Shahama city in Abu Dhabi, after they got off a taxi cab arriving from another emirate in the country.

He also explained that the incident started when the Anti-Drug Section recently received secret and confirmed information that indicates the possession of narcotic substances by the suspects with the intention of distribution. He noted that legal actions were taken, and they were arrested with the drugs weighing 1 kilogram and 448 grams in their possession.

Al Darmaki added that the two suspects “A.Sh” (44 years old) and “N.M” (24 years old) have intentionally hidden the heroin in secret holes in a pair of shoes (sandals) in a skillful manner. “At the moment of arrest the shoes were carried in a plastic bag by the latter suspects who tried to flee however he was arrested, and the drugs were seized,” he concluded.

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