Participants of two councils organized by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) agreed on the importance of strengthening the community’s sense of security, to enable them to fight various types of crime, thus helping the police’s efforts in crime prevention. The awareness councils are organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

The first council on “Cyber Crimes” was hosted by citizen Khalid Bakhit Tannaf Al Menhali in his home in the Bani Yas area of Abu Dhabi. The second council on “The Role of the Public’s Cooperation with the Police to Achieve Security” was held in the home of Salem Mohammad Saeed Al Rashidi, in Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi.

Moderated by media personality Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Shumairi, Editor-in-Chief and General Manager of Al Watan Newspaper, Al Menhali’s council discussed raising awareness and prevention of cybercrimes, to protect society from their dangers. In his address at the council, Colonel Dr. Jassem Al Antali, Professor of Criminal Law at the Police College, explained that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a global leading model and achieved quantum leaps in the field of E-government services. “Protecting our sons and daughters from the dangers of the Internet is an integrated family and social responsibility,” he said. “There should be no compromise in the role of the family, first, and the school, second, in protecting children and raising their awareness.”

The council also addressed the positive and negative uses of information technology (IT) resources, calling for intensive and concerted efforts amongst all entities to raise community members’ awareness of safely using IT. Participants in the council emphasized the importance of IT and its positive impact on catering to the needs of the public in various government departments and agencies. They also warned against the negative impact of IT channels, such as online fraud and extortion, which may be detrimental to individuals and constitutes a violation of their privacy.

They stressed the importance of guarding against blackmail by promoting religious restraints and adhering to customs and traditions. They also encouraged opening lines of communication between parents and children, so that parents will instruct children about the negative uses of the Internet and social media applications, and supervise their online activities. They also recommended educating children about laws on incriminating actions on social media, reading the terms and conditions of downloading such applications, not posting personal pictures, not accepting unknown people, and not accessing networking websites.

The MoI council highlighted the most important laws related to cybercrimes and the crimes of credit card theft, cyber blackmailing, defamation, breaches of privacy, and collecting donations.

Participants in the council hosted by Salem Mohammad Saeed Al Rashidi on “The Role of the Public’s Cooperation with the Police to Achieve Security” stressed the importance of strengthening the community’s sense of security, as the community is the top supporter for the police. They called for intensifying the positive cooperation between police bodies and the various segments of society.

The participants pointed out that the public plays a major role in crime prevention, as each member collaborates to report relevant information to the police, thus complementing the police force. They noted that the UAE achieved advanced levels in reporting accidents, surpassing many countries through the development of reporting tools. They also noted that the UAE has spread and promoted the security and legal culture among community members.

They reiterated the importance of community members collaborating with the police, in order to enhance the police’s efforts to provide the best means of prevention and protection. They said community members should not hesitate to report any suspicious situation, as it is part of their social responsibility, since the public is the first line of defense against all kinds of crimes and violations. The participants called upon the public to cooperate with awareness campaigns and crime prevention efforts by reporting any matter affecting the security and stability of society by calling the “Aman” service on 8002626.

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