Three Ministry of Interior (MOI) officer candidates received training for the International Leadership course, which was held at the British Police College, ‘Sunningdale Park’ in the UK, with officers from several countries participating.

The attendees received two ‘International Leadership’ Certificates from the British Police College and a Certificate in ‘Leadership and Management’, in association with the Chartered Management Institute. The course included topics such as leadership, community policing, change management, human rights, operations management, terrorism and organized crime.

Attending the course falls in line with the MOI’s eagerness to enroll its candidates in both internal and external courses to gain knowledge, experience and efficiency from professional trainers. The objectives for this are intended to reflect in their performance, intensify their efforts to perform their duties, meet the demands of their work, and keep up with the rapid developments in various aspects of their role.

The candidates also received theoretical and practical lectures, whereby they visited the Avon and Somerset Police Headquarters. They were familiarized with the working methods in their operating rooms, as well as receiving training on riot control and how to manage operations during crises and disasters. The course attendees also accompanied the Thames Valley Police Community patrols in the City of Bracknell on a one-day tour, in addition to receiving training on how to manage crime scenes at the British Police College in Harperley Hall.

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