During their current visit to the USA, a delegation from the Security Support Department at the Abu Dhabi Police reviewed the tasks and duties of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the fields of combating crime and dismantling bombs. Working closely with the Special Security Force and Emergency units of the LAPD, the team was welcomed and introduced to the division and tasks by Captain Edward J. Prokop, Commander of the Metropolitan Division at LAPD.  

The Security Support team took part in some of the tasks at the headquarters of the Special Security Force Unit, and became acquainted with the machinery and equipment used in incursions and raids during dangerous communications. The team additionally learned about the latest training and tactical methods alongside the standards for selecting qualified officers to join the Special Security Forces Units once they have passed the theoretical and practical tests and training.

Addressing the latest achievements and tasks undertaken by the Security Support Department, Captain Mohammed Ibrahim Al Balas, Operations Planning Branch Manager at the Department, said: “The department relentlessly endeavors to stay abreast of the latest global practices in the field of security support. In doing so, the Security Support Department is keen to share these experiences and knowledge gained to further enhance the efficiency of our personnel and to foster further international cooperation with security and police agencies.”

Captain Edward J. Prokop, Commander of the Metropolitan Division at LAPD, expressed his admiration for the Security Support personnel in their level of readiness and professionalism during raids, incursions, and use of weapons.
In a related development, the Security Support Department team visited the Firearms and Explosives Unit at the LAPD, in order to take advantage of the methods and techniques used by the bomb squad when handling explosives. The team additionally coordinated with various police patrols to handle dangerous communications.

Captain Rolando Solano of the Firearms and Explosives Unit greeted the team members and explained the processes and equipment throughout their tour. He discussed the process of detecting and neutralizing the different types of explosives, how to use the latest equipment, and how the police use the support of police dogs from the K-9 Unit. He said that the dogs are trained in accordance with the best international practices, which utilize lasers to guide them in the detection of explosives. The team also examined the remote-controlled vehicles used in the transport of any suspicious object.
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