The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Directorate General of Traffic Coordination, has launched the first unified traffic awareness campaign for 2016 at the countrywide level. The campaign, which was initiated as of January 1 under the slogan “Observe the right of way”, is one of the initiatives launched by the traffic sector, and will last for three months.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among community members and road users, especially drivers, about the need to abide by traffic laws and regulations, in order to maintain their safety and the safety of others.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, Director General,Traffic Coordination Directorate General, Ministry of Interior, said that reducing traffic accidents is a priority for both police and competent authorities in the state and for members of the public, due to the resulting deaths and injuries, and the negative social impacts and material losses.

He said: “The campaign embodies the Ministry of Interior’s strategy emanating from that of the Federal Government. It is also in line with the police leadership’s directives to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety for all. It also falls within the traffic sector’s strategic plan at the Ministry of Interior, which is to promote road safety and curtail traffic and run-over incidents.”

Brigadier Al Zaabi added: “The slogan ‘Observe the right of way’ campaign is designed to highlight the importance of adhering to traffic laws, rules and regulations to reduce traffic accidents and promote traffic awareness. Choosing the (STOP) sign as the campaign’s logo serves as a  warning to urge drivers to be cautious before taking any action, and to call upon them to observe the right of way; ; because the road is for everyone.”

He pointed out that the Ministry of Interior strives to raise the level of awareness among community members, and to ensure commitment by road users to the proper road behaviors; in order to achieve the optimal use of the road, and achieve a smooth traffic flow complemented with a high level of security and safety. “Motorists need to respect pedestrians who walk on sidewalks and roadside and not to compromise their safety,” he said.

Brigadier Al Zaabi noted that the Directorate General of Traffic Coordination at the Ministry of Interior carries out this campaign in cooperation and coordination with the Traffic and Patrols Departments across the UAE, and other public and private entities concerned with traffic safety, which support these initiatives in order to create a safe environment and accidents-free roads. He also stressed the need to support media efforts made by all concerned parties, and to highlight the role of the Ministry of Interior and other relevant institutions concerned with the campaign.

In conclusion, Brigadier Al Zaabi pointed out that the "Observe the Right of way” campaign will be publicized on the Internet, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and particularly discussion sites, such as blogs and forums. Moreover, as a part of the campaign, posters, brochures and leaflets will be distributed at public centers, gas stations and public gathering locations.  Media seminars will also be held and will host participating officials to communicate with the public about the campaign and disseminate traffic values and culture.

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