Two delegations from the Ajman Free Zone and the Public Works and Services Department in Ras Al Khaimah separately reviewed the experience of the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department at the Abu Dhabi Police in providing services to customers through several channels available quickly and efficiently.

The two delegations toured the department’s Customer Service Center and listened to an explanation by Colonel Suhail Al Khaiaili, Chief of the Vehicles Licensing Section, about the service packages provided by the department to customers through smart applications, the self-service E-payment machines (Sahel), and the comprehensive employee channels. He noted that the Customer Service Center has completed a total of 383,528 transactions over the past year through simple and easy steps. This approach has increased customer satisfaction with the services that are provided via various channels, according to the Ministry of Interior's strategy, and falls in line with the UAE government’s vision to streamline the provision of services to the public.

Moreover, he pointed out that the center obtained a 5-star rating according to the accredited Star Rating System for government service centers. He also added that the department follows the best international practices in the area of developing and delivering the best services to customers.
The two delegations reviewed the ‘Happiness Meter’ at the Customer Services Center. Colonel Al Khaiaili stressed the importance of the indicator in measuring customer satisfaction with the services provided, saying that their true happiness will continue development that meets their ambitions, fitting with the government’s vision in this regard. He pointed out that the number of vehicles in the emirate of Abu Dhabi amounted to 1,016,740 vehicles last year, and stressed that the department provides various services to vehicle owners wherever they are.

Furthermore, the two delegations were also acquainted with the electronic data archiving system which provides users with easy access to reference files. It also alleviates storage requirements, since paper files occupy large areas in designated places, and reduces expenses.

Concluding, Colonel Al Khaiaili said, “The data’s accuracy and validity in the e-archiving system, considered to be one of the most important tools to transform data into useful information, provide special services to the public.” He also pointed out that the e-archiving system is in line with the government’s vision to develop performance to a higher level, and to follow modern methods to provide the best services to the public. This system also allows the department’s personnel to carry out their work with a high level of efficiency.

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