The “Tathqeef” traffic patrol at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police is promoting traffic awareness at the seventh edition of the Al Gharbia Watersports Festival 2015.  The 10-day festival will be held between April 23rd and May 2nd at the Mirfa beach in the Western Region. The patrol’s participation in the festival, held in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club and the support of the Al Gharbia Sports Club, falls in line with the directorate’s community outreach strategy and the commitment to promote traffic safety through taking part in various touristic, sporting, and cultural activities.

Major Suhail Sayah Al Mazroui, Chief of the Western Region Traffic Section, indicated that the participation of the “Tathqeef” patrol in the festival aims to further strengthen the interaction and communication between the Section and the community members, institutions, and events.  The activities and events of the festival are set to include various traditional and touristic programs, exhibitions, and competitions that appeal to children and all members of the family.

Moreover, he indicated that the Western Region Traffic Section is organizing the traffic along the road leading up to the festival site in order to maintain a smooth traffic flow, and to secure and organize parking spaces for visitors and disabled persons. The Section is committed to ensuring traffic safety for every regional and international visitor that wishes to visit the festival.

For his part, Captain Abdul Rahman Al Ali, Public Relations Branch Manager in the Western Region, noted that the “Tathqeef” traffic patrol serves as a mobile awareness unit in order to promote traffic culture regarding the rules and regulations of traffic laws. The patrol is designed to reduce traffic accidents and aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of abiding by the designated speed on the roads, fastening seatbelts, and from refraining to use mobile phones while driving. The mobile “Tathqeef” traffic patrol additionally distributes awareness booklets and gifts, and responds to any inquiries that the public may have. The patrol is additionally equipped with a display screen to show purposeful traffic awareness films.

Captain Al Ali hailed the interaction of the public with the traffic guidance that has been provided throughout the festival. He also praised the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police for its continued presence in various events that aim to raise awareness and urged the public to abide by traffic laws in order to reduce the causes of traffic accidents that result in deaths and severe injuries.
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