Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) have concluded a successful visit to the United States of America, during which it took part in the ninth annual conference for police leaders, organized by the New York Police Department (NYPD) for US police services. Additionally, the ADP entered into a cooperative agreement with the NYPD, and reviewed the tasks of the NYPD.

The Abu Dhabi Police had been chosen to be the guest of honor at the conference by the NYPD in recognition of the prestigious reputation of the UAE police, their distinctive presence in international forums, and for their achievements that have positioned the police body as the vanguard of leading policing institutions.  

Major General Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of Resources and Support Services at the Ministry of Interior, stressed that the participation of the Abu Dhabi Police delegation comes to complement the positive and close relations it shares with the US police. The close relationship stems from the belief in the need to cooperate with internationally renowned and acclaimed police institutions in order to develop the prospects of policing through exchanging experiences and participating in trainings.

Maj. Gen. Al Menhali said that the New York Police Department is one of the most prominent police institutions characterized with professionalism in the implementation of the policing tasks and actions; pointing out that the police leadership is keen to exchange and take advantage of the global policing expertise, and to introduce the latest technology means that uphold the UAE’s police work and services.

The UAE delegation included Brigadier Thani Butti Al Shamesi, Head of the Training Department at Abu Dhabi Police; and Colonel Othman Khoury, Director of the Department of Education; alongside a number of officers. The delegation toured the police departments of NYPD during their visit, where they were acquainted with the most significant achievements of the NYPD, as well as the foundations for their honored work, and the nature of the taken measures. Most notably, the delegation also reviewed the most important systems and bases used in the rehabilitation of human resources and the methods of training.

In the same context, a cooperation agreement was signed with a delegation of NYPD officers representing the US. The agreement included understandings regarding the exchange of policing information and expertise; the cooperation in responding to crimes of all kinds; leveraging modern policing techniques available to both parties; and to exchange views on the development, joint training and to promote the efficiency of police operations.

The agreement aims to increase cooperation in law enforcement and fight crime; to exchange views through a series of actions that solidify this distinct relationship, and thus contribute to the achievement of the desired objectives for the development and promotion of the employment prospects to the highest international standards. This comes in order to enhance the relations of cooperation existing between both parties in the fields of police work.

The agreement was signed by Major General Mohammed Al Menhali for the Abu Dhabi Police, and by Commissioner William Bratton of the New York Police, in the presence of Major Abdul Aziz Al Sharif, Police Attaché at the UAE Embassy in the United States of America.

It is noteworthy that delegation from the NYPD had visited the Abu Dhabi Police; the most recent visit was headed by Commissioner William Bratton in last April of this year, during which the US delegations were briefed on the achievements of the UAE police, its standards followed in raising the efficiency of labor and human resources; and how it keeps pace with developments and global field applications in the promotion of security and stability.

The US delegations also identified the most strategic features of ADP. They listened to the explanation about the services, functions and operating systems carried out by a number of police departments, including the Security Support Management, the “Operations, “Negotiation” and “Explosives” Departments, the Security Support Patrols and their equipment, the Mobile Command Room, and the Academy of Civil Defense.

Bratton lauded the level of policing and security systems at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police, saying it is one of the most important policing institutions on a global scale.  He finally expressed his admiration for the ways and methods the Abu Dhabi Police of use modern technology in their departments.

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