A course in Sports Legislation and Law Management was launched on Monday at a hall in the Leaders Qualification Center in Dubai. Members of the country’s police leadership and general directorates and members of the Bahraini Ministry of Interior participated in the event. The course is organized by the Police Sports Association at the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Training Department at the ministry.

Colonel Khaled Ali Shahil, Deputy Chairman of the Police Sports Union, revealed that the union is holding specialized courses to create a base for sports built from the training, and equipped with the most modern international laws and lists. “These courses also aim to prepare and rehabilitate workers in the sports sector, and equip them with the sports field’s latest knowledge,” he said.

He added that the course includes specialized lectures presented by Dr. Mohammad Fadlallah from the American University in the Emirates, Dr. Ali Samaka from the American University in the Emirates, and Dr. Saud Al Junaibi from the Police Sports Union.

The course topics cover sports legislation and its importance, legal legislation and concepts related to sports legislation, the role of sports legislation in determining the sports structure, and the role of academic institutions in developing sports legislation. The course will address specialized legal parties in solving local and international disputes, in addition to sports legislation in the UAE.

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