In collaboration with the University of Salford, United Kingdom, the Juveniles Care Center at Abu Dhabi Police organized a two-day specialized societal event, at the Center’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The event included a wide range of activities, workshops, and lectures on dealing with challenging cases and bullying amongst juveniles.

Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Bu Hindi, Director of the Juveniles Care Center, Head of the Executive Team in charge of following up on  the implementation of the agreement with the University of Salford, gave a speech on the occasion. He stressed the keenness of the center to adopt the latest scientific approaches, which positively impact juveniles’ behavior. Moreover, Brigadier Dr. Bu Hindi commended the high level of preparation and presentation of the event, which reflects the high level of knowledge and skill of the University of Salford’s experts and advisors, and which confers importance upon the event.

Adding further, he said that the program is a part of the efforts of the University of Salford to train and educate the center’s staff members. “We trust that the outcomes of training will improve the way by which the center’s staff members, regardless of their job position or specialty, deal with juveniles in general and particularly with quarrelsome juveniles,” he continued.

The event tackled a wide range of topics notably, defining challenging behavior;  emotions thoughts and response; assessing the seriousness of a situation; responding to healthy behavior; escalation and de-escalation; connecting juveniles; case scenarios; and making children the center of attention. All scientific material was supported by videos that showcase real-life examples.

The University of Salford’s experts and specialists presented several programs and activities, with emphasis on the best specialized scientific methods and approaches, designed to positively handle challenging cases in treatment and adaptation. The experts highlighted the latest international practices, which preserve juveniles’ rights, and take their psychological and personal conditions, as well as their problems into account, with the ultimate goal of achieving positive results; redressing juveniles’ behavior; and changing their negative beliefs and orientations through sound and efficient educational methods.

The event was attended by a number of the Juveniles Care Center’s staff members, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Abu Dhabi Education Council and private security companies.
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