The Special Tasks Department in the Directorate General of Guards and Special Tasks at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters has increased the efficiency of 30 staff members through a specialized security course that included lectures, applications and practical exercises. This security course was held in coordination with the French Ministry of Interior.

Colonel Ali Khaseif Al Kindi from the Office of the Acting Head of Guards and Special Tasks Department stressed the importance of aspects that increase staff capacities to positively influence the development of police work. “This reflects the Ministry of Interior's strategy by rehabilitating and training human elements to keep up with international and regional developments with the aim to gain the best skills,” he added.

Major Faisal Ali Omar Al Kathiri, Chief of the Training Section at the Special Tasks Department, also explained that the course aims to realize the leadership’s principles in difficult situations. He revealed that Special Tasks’ staff members were trained by experts from the French Police.

The course’s graduation ceremony was attended by Colonel Ali Khaseif Al Kindi; Major Faisal Ali Omar Al Kathiri; First Lieutenant Mohammad Ghareeb Al Hammadi, Curricula and Courses Branch Manager at the Special Tasks Department; and a number of officers and training experts.

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