The Social Support Centers Department at Abu Dhabi Police held a joint meeting with Zayed University to discuss ways to reinforce partnership and cooperation pertaining to joint events and activities.
The meeting was attended by Brigadier Najim Abdullah Al Hosani, Head of the Social Support Centers Department at Abu Dhabi Police, and Professor Dr. Abdel Mohsen Mohamed, Associate Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Zayed University.

During the meeting, both parties discussed ways to coordinate practical training for students of Zayed University; determining the numbers of trainees at the Social Support Centers Department throughout the year; and the proper mechanism for training and professional development. Attendees also tackled the communication and cooperation plan between both parties, to ensure optimal collaboration and proper participation in the activities and events aimed at serving the community.

Also attending the meeting were Dr. Fatima Al Darmaki, Assistant Provost for Student Affairs, and Student Counselor Husam Abdelkhaleq, from Zayed University; along with heads of department and branch managers at the Social Support Centers Department.

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