The Social Support Centers Department at Abu Dhabi Police exerted additional efforts aimed at adopting necessary preventive and remediation actions to protect children against the different types of problems, and providing them with psychological and moral support; in addition taking part in preparing and implementing plans to support children, who are the fundamental pillar of society’s future.

Brigadier Najim Abdullah Al Hosani, Head of the Social Support Centers Department at Abu Dhabi Police asserted that the centers play a determining role in buffering the negative effects and unwanted consequences in cases pertaining to custody children visitation rights. “The centers endeavor to resolve all societal issues with confidentiality and high professionalism. These services are on par with the global best practice; they aim at preventing family disintegration, and achieving stable and secure families,” said Brigadier Al Hosani.

Adding further, he explained that the Centers seek to alleviate the implications and negative effects related to custody children visitation rights decided by the court, by providing parents with an opportunity to see their children, and catering to children’s psychological and social needs in special fully equipped visitation halls designed to ensure the well-being of children.

Adding further, Brigadier Al Hosani said: “The visitation halls include a section for age-appropriate educational games, as well as a talents discovery section with a free drawing workshop that allows children to express their emotions,; these drawings  would provide a window into their personality in order to better understand their personality. Moreover, specialists at the Social Support Centers encourage children to read family-centered societal stories in a special readers’ corner, which contributes to the development of the child's personality and fills his leisure time in a pleasant and helpful manner.”

On the same note, Brigadier Al Hosani noted that social care specialists at the centers communicate with both parents and children, in order to provide all forms of support and assistance. They also provide guidance on the proper ways to handle children and guide them to overcome the negative psychological effects, when children are unable to emotionally cope and adapt to domestic disputes or divorce. He also noted that communication channels are open round the clock to provide children with advice and guidance at the Centers.

In conclusion, he said that the Children and Juveniles Branch at the Social Support Centers includes a highly professional and specialized team of experts and specialists, and endeavor to manage the custody and parenting time, as well as educating parents about the modern educational methods to care for custody children. They also provide advice and guidance to families and support them to solve the psychological and social problems of their children.
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