During a visit to the Rome Patrols General Headquarters, the delegation of the Security Support Department in Abu Dhabi Police examined the work, divisions and the most modern technical devices and tools of the Italian Police patrols. The visiting delegation also exchanged expertise in the police and security patrols fields.

Colonel Claudio Roberta, Commander of Rome Patrols, welcomed the Security Support Department delegation headed by Colonel Khaled Saeed Al Shamesi, Head of the Security Support Department. Colonel Roberta provided a detailed explanation about the Rome Patrols General Headquarters, noting that the patrols are divided into two sections: the first related to car patrols, and the second to motorcycle patrols.

The delegation was acquainted about the most modern vehicles and motorcycles used in Italian patrols which are equipped with the state-of-art technologies in fields of communication, supervision and automatic recording. The delegation also received a briefing on motorcycle patrols and their features of easiness and speed of movement in the streets, with the aim to achieve the desired goals at a record time. The visiting delegation also examined different equipment used in keeping security and safety by the Italian patrols.

Colonel Claudio Roberta explained the ways of dealing with arrested individuals and putting them in patrol vehicles without causing any risk to the patrol members. The delegation then reviewed one modern vehicle that is similar to a blood bank and aims to transfer blood in cases of accidents, along with other duties carried out 24/7 by patrols as per a pre-programmed shift regime.

Colonel Claudio Roberta praised the ability and expertise of the Abu Dhabi Police Security Support Department officers, revealing that the visit is a chance to exchange expertise in the police and security fields.

At the end of the Security Support Department delegation’s visit to the Rome Patrols General Headquarters, both sides exchanged memorial shields and took group photos.
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