The Security Support Department at  the Security Support Directorate General, the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, honored members of the delegation that successfully participated in the intensive training course held at the International Police Training Center in the Italian City of Vicenza at the invitation of the Italian police (Carabinieri). The visit was part of the international expertise exchange program.

During the ceremony held to reward the honorees, Colonel Khaled Saeed Al Shamesi, Head of the Security Support Department, said that the honorable role played by the Security Support members in representing the police institution was highly appreciated and admired by Italian officials, who praised the staff members’ capabilities and skills.

Colonel Al Shamesi also indicated that the intensive course contributed to enhancing the tactical capabilities of staff members and provided them with the opportunity to examine training programs and plans to combat crime. He said: “The Security Support delegation’s members’ high efficiency and mental capabilities were highly acclaimed and appreciated by their peers during the course, which was held in one of the most prestigious international security institutions.”

In conclusion, Colonel Al Shamesi noted that the visit was part of the international expertise exchange program. It also falls in line with the strategy of the police general headquarters to gain the necessary expertise and improve police work; so as to serve the community efficiently and professionally and to acquire the best ways to combat and prevent crime.

For his part, Major Mohammed Mubarak Al Masa’bi, Chief of Security Support Patrols Section, said: “The development of human resources and keenness to carry out the knowledge exchange program with global scientific institutions are part of the department’s strategic plans. The visits carried out by the Security Support delegation to a number of developed countries, within the international expertise exchange program and taking part in the daily tasks and training carried out by the police authorities in those countries, contribute to enhancing competencies and capabilities of staff members and increase interaction between Security Support members and their peers.”

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