A delegation from the Security Support Department at the Security Support General Directorate, the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, left the UAE on Friday heading the Los Angeles in the United States of America (USA). During the ten-day visit, the delegation will be will be participating in the daily tasks of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), as per the international expertise exchange program.

Colonel Khalid Al Shamesi, Head of the Security Support Department explained that this is the third visit of its kind to LAPD. He said: “The visit comes upon the invitation of Major General Horace Frank, Deputy Commander of Special Operations and Anti-terrorism Bureau at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The delegation will be taking part in the daily tasks and field operations carried out by the LAPD patrols. They will also review the best practices adopted by LAPD in security-related cases, such as gang activities, countering drugs, countering terrorism, and other tasks.”

Colonel Al Shamesi also explained that the visit aims to ensure mutually beneficial exchanges of expertise in policing and security fields related to security support, by taking part in the LAPD patrols’ field operations. The UAE delegation will also review the mechanisms used at the Operations Room to follow-up on and process criminal and emergency reports, to arrest suspects and law violators, and will take part in the special field tasks carried out by the Anti-Narcotics Section at LAPD.

Headed by Major Hasan Al Shehhi, Head of the Training Section at the Security Support Department, the UAE visiting delegation comprises eight members, including two female members.

It is worth mentioning that the Security Support Department constantly strives to reinforce collaboration in various policing and security areas with the LAPD and other prestigious police authorities worldwide. The department also seeks to exchange expertise in areas of common interest in support of developmental efforts to attain the objectives.

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