The Abu Dhabi Police announced that their media platform is the first innovative, integrated and comprehensive operations room in the region. The platform is fitted with electronic equipment, modern software and high-quality techniques, which monitor and keep track of emergency events around the clock in Abu Dhabi, in order to provide video material and live coverage effectively from incident sites to support decision-makers operating in the field.

Major Fawaz Ali Abdullah, Director of the Security Media Department at Abu Dhabi Police, indicated that the platform serves as a significant link and field liaison between the police and media outlets’ audiences. “The platform operates according to standardized operational procedures manual and provides print and audiovisual media information to customers of the Security Media Department, in response to major and minor emergency notifications and situations that are reported and handled by the media,” he said.

Adding further, Major Abdullah noted that the platform provides timely and prompt response to emergency media notifications. “The platform is operated by a highly skilled cadre of Emirati personnel, who work together as one team while handling sudden media events. They provide logistic services and support to prevent potential risks to media personnel in the field, reinforce security and safety using modern and innovative methods, in order to upgrade police work and its new concepts, in keeping with the UAE government’s vision,” he continued.

Major Abdullah explained that the platform was developed by Emirati innovators with the aim of highlighting the strategic role played by the Ministry of Interior, in its quest to keep abreast of all media-related developments, document security incidents and support media coverage of police-related events. He said: “The platform provides media outlets with more inclusive, faster and higher quality footage. It also provides them with photo and video material that can be easily retrieved when needed.”

Furthermore, Major Abdullah emphasized that the platform has contributed to better organizing the process of taking live footage at the various major or minor incident sites, and provides the opportunity to take advantage of the footage material and photos for study and analysis. He said that the project embodies the strategy of the Ministry of Interior and reflects its commitment to leverage modern technologies to enhance the capabilities and skills of police personnel working in this field, according to an innovative methodology, which aims not only to keep up with events, but to be at the heart of events.

Major Abdullah said that the platform is in charge of dispatching the Security Media patrols. “The platform also ensures coordination with the Air Support and Air Wing Departments to send out their aircrafts and wireless drones as necessary, to take footage in hard to reach areas, using high quality HD technology. The drones broadcast live coverage from the site to provide an overview of the logistic conditions, which in turn would allow the distribution of resources to the competent entities, notably in cases of accidents, road closures, fires and major events; as well as monitoring traffic flow in the street, weather conditions, and the various security reports,” he continued.

In conclusion, the Director of Security Media Department stressed that: “The platform adopts influential media methods to gain the trust of public opinion and local and international media.” He added that the Security Media patrols’ crews aim at achieving the satisfaction of members of the public and encouraging them to be more involved in the process to achieve the Ministry of Interior’s objectives. They also seek to enhance the existing partnership between the police force and the community.

For his part, First Lieutenant Yusuf Abdullah Al Hosani, General Supervisor of the platform and the Photography Branch Manager highlighted the pivotal and vital role of the Security Media platform. “The platform aims at promoting the standards of openness and transparency of the media discourse, as well as the right of media outlets and the public to be informed in a way that ensures safety for all,” he noted.

Adding further, he said that the “platform” is designed to handle accidents at sites that may pose a risk to civilians, making it possible to obtain accurate and detailed footage of the events.  “The ’platform’ project comes in response to the directives of the police leadership, and reflects their keen interest to ensure public safety and transparency as one of the top priorities of the police’s media work. The police leadership is also keen to leverage modern devices and technologies to enhance the competencies of police personnel working in this field, in a bid to achieve the coveted goals through various modern and innovative methods,” First Lieutenant Al Hosani continued.

Moreover, First Lieutenant Al Hosani explained the work mechanism of the Security Media platform in reporting an incident. “The platform is linked through geospatial technology to the Central Operations Room at Abu Dhabi Police. It receives reports and notifications in coordination with the Operations Room and technically assigns tasks and roles to media team on site to take photographic material and TV footage of incidents and development on site as they unfold,” he continued.

First Lieutenant Al Hosani also noted that the platform is equipped with the latest technological resources and is operated by highly qualified Emirati personnel who work in shifts and assign media roles in a well-thought manner. Staff members dispatch the patrols and instruct them to act in a safe manner as they broadcast photographs and TV footage from the scene and report all developments as they unfold, while providing the necessary support to media crews on site.

First Lieutenant Al Hosani added that the platform also aims at providing technical support to spokespersons in charge of communicating information on major accidents and horrible crimes. It also organizes the filming process at the scene of major and serious incidents, sheds light on the humanitarian and societal work carried out by the police in a way that enhances safety and security, using various modern and innovative techniques, to promote police work and its new concepts.

He explained that the Security Media platform contributes to strengthening policing awareness amongst members of the public, by providing field media coverage, activating channels of communication and developing cooperation ties with radio and TV stations, and print press and news websites. This is achieved by providing experts assigned to communicate with strategic partners to enhance the credibility and impact of media initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police.

In conclusion, First Lieutenant Al Hosani said that the Security Media platform is a fundamental pillar to support and reinforce the policing and prevention awareness of Security Media patrols staff members, in a way that further contributes to preserving security and stability, as they convey a transparent, balanced and comprehensive media message to media outlets.
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