As a part of the “Friends of Police” program, the Abu Dhabi police acquainted 97 students from the city of Al Ain with the nature of the police work, as well as a set of activities to develop their intellectual and physical abilities in order to fill their leisure time. The event took place at the Police Officers Club in Al Ain.

Colonel Hareb Khamis Al Khaili, Deputy Head of the Clubs Department at the Abu Dhabi General Headquarters, emphasized the department’s commitment to boost students’ intellectual and physical abilities to fill their leisure time during school holidays and vacations. “Such activities would help them to develop their talents, shape their personalities and integrate quickly into society,” he noted.

Adding further, Colonel Al Khaili said: “The program is designed to enhance children’s awareness to protect them from wrongful behaviors and actions; develop their knowledge and skills; and acquaint them with the nature of police work.” He pointed out that the 10 students from Dar Zayed for Family Care and 10 students from the Red Crescent Authority took part in the program; in an effort to integrate them with their peers in such events and develop their intellectual and cultural skills.

“The program’s activities, which will continue until the end of the month, include field visits to a number of cultural, athletic and police sites, such as the Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club; Al Ain Wildlife Park; the municipality camp and Al Ain Center for Care & Rehabilitation. Visits will also be carried out to police-related sites such as the Traffic Institute and K9,” he continued.

Furthermore, Colonel Al Khaili called upon parents to supervise their children and to enroll them in centers and clubs that provide useful and constructive programs and activities during school holidays. “This would contribute to boosting their skills and potential; and raise their awareness by acquainting them with the optimal and efficient use of modern technologies.

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