The Media and Public Relations Section of the Directorate General of Human Resources at the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs hosted a lecture to raise awareness for the female personnel regarding the methods of treatment and prevention for breast cancer.

The lecture falls within the framework of International Breast Cancer Day and is in cooperation and coordination with the Health Education Branch at the Medical Services Department at Abu Dhabi Police, and with Daman Insurance Company. The lecture was held at the Spirit of the Union Hall at the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs’ Headquarters.

A lecture given by Thikra Rashid Abdulla, from Daman Insurance Company, covered the following topics: methods of breast self-examinations; the prevalence of the disease both in the UAE and worldwide; the risks that increase the likelihood of getting the disease; and the importance of early detection.

The section, in coordination with the Red Crescent and CosmeSurge & Emirates Clinic for One Day Surgery, utilized a mammogram in the mobiles clinics and conducted a breast examination for a number of the female personnel at the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs.

First Lieutenant Bilal Al Mo’sam honored the lecturer and the nurses in an appreciation for their efforts in raising the awareness surrounding the risks of breast cancer for the staff of the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs.

Educating the Female Staff of Al Ain Police

The Medical Services Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Medical Services Section in Al Ain hosted the mobile mammogram unit in coordination with the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi, and with the cooperation of Al Tawam Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine International. This comes as a part of an educational program regarding the early detection of breast cancer, which was held in front of the Medical Services Building in Al Ain.

The program included conducting early breast cancer detection examinations for the female personnel of the Al Ain Police and for their families. The program also raised awareness on subjects such as: the definition of breast cancer, its main factors and causes, the risks of infection, and the age groups that are most susceptible to breast cancer.

The attendees were introduced to the methods of prevention through self-examination and lab testing, early detection, and ways to control the disease before it spreads throughout the body. The program included a simplified and educational presentation about how to administer self-examinations, the distribution of pamphlets and medical journals, and an explanation of the steps for self-examination for the Abu Dhabi Police personnel and for their family members.

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