The Police Sports Association celebrated the graduation of 20 members from the Police Headquarters and General Directorates, who took part in a course examining the standards for the Minister of Interior’s Sports Excellence Awards. The course was held at the Federal Police School in Sharjah and included multiple lectures that focused on the Awards in general, methods of assessing participants, as well as participation requirements, establishing indicators and evaluating them.

Colonel Khaled Ali Shahil, Deputy Chairman of the Police Sports Association, stressed their commitment to realizing excellence on all levels at the Ministry by qualifying all employees, in order to achieve the Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) strategic objectives. He also emphasized their efforts for developing human resource skills at the Ministry, in order to achieve customer satisfaction, as well as efforts to spread knowledge, exchange best practices among the Police Headquarters and Department, and working towards encouraging and developing human resources at the MoI.

He also pointed out that graduating this batch of members aims to habilitate and enable sports bodies at the MoI to achieve excellence, as well as utilize modern methodologies for quality and innovation processes. He added that the participants gained important knowledge and information from the experts. Concluding his remarks, he expressed his gratitude to the lecturers for their effort and role in providing scientific knowledge, which has helped to ensure the success of the course.

Colonel Shahil subsequently honored the participants and lecturers, including Major Dr. Saud Al Junaibi, Captain Muhammed Salman and First Lieutenant Ahmad Al Hajri.
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