The Planning and Assessment section at the Police Sports Association in the Ministry of Interior recently concluded a sports media course under the theme “Awareness and Sports Media”. The course, which was held at the Officers' Club in Sharjah, was organized in cooperation with the Training Department at the Ministry of Interior and the Sports Media Association- General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare from April 17-21.

The course included presentations and work papers that focused on the valuable role of the different forms of media (Broadcast and print media). The course also dedicated a special and comprehensive session to discuss the crucial importance and advantages of electronic media in modern world.

It also included several lectures about the history of media and sports documentation in the UAE presented by Mohammed Al Joker, Secretary General of the Sports Media Association. In his lecture, he explored the origins and development of journalism in the UAE, as well as the most important stages that shaped journalistic work. Journalists Diauddin Ali, Mohammed Jassem, Ezzedine Al Kalawi, Haidar Fouad, Mohammed Hamed, and Ahmed Al Ghafli took part in the course with lectures that tackled sports writing and the sports analysis mechanism in the media. The lectures focused on the sports image and sports news translation. Diauddin Ali, Chief of the Sports Section at Al Khaleej newspaper, delivered a lecture about the sports news and how to write an engaging sports article.  

The course concluded its activities by focusing on broadcast media during a lecture about TV programs, their mechanisms, preparation, and organization.  

Towards the end of the course, Colonel Khaled Shahil, Deputy Chairman of the Police Sports Association and Major Dr. Saud Al Junaibi distributed certificates of participation to the 35 students that represent the various police sectors in the country. They also honored the lecturers by presenting them with shields and participation certificates.

In conclusion, Dr. Junaibi indicated that the course falls in line with the preparations of the Police Sports Association to organize international championships and aims at explaining the role of sports media to police staff members. “The course is also part of the partnership with the association to host qualification courses for young nationals in order to enhance the media sector and appoint new  skilled media figures to pursue the march of success and progress in all forms of media work,” he said.

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