The Police schools Department at Abu Dhabi Police, recently organized a number of field visits to the Punitive and Correctional Institutions Department and the Operations Room at the Al Ain Police Directorate and the Al Hili Juveniles Care Center. The visits fall in line with the academic curriculum of the Basic Training Course for the 103rd batch of police recruits, which is currently held at the Police Schools Department in its Suwaihan headquarters in the city of Al Ain.

As a part of the visit to the Punitive and Correctional Institutions Department, recruits were acquainted with the tasks and duties undertaken by the department and its organizational structure. They were also introduced to the tasks carried out by the different sections and branches and the myriad of services provided to inmates.

Recruits also visited the Operations Room at the Al Ain Police Directorate, where they examined the various tasks and duties carried out by the Operations Room operators, such as receiving notifications and reports. They were also acquainted with the role played by the Al Hili Juveniles Care Center in providing care and rehabilitation services to juveniles, with a view of integrating back into society as well-rounded and productive individuals and citizens.

The visits aim to provide recruits with academic skills in areas of police, legal, and auxiliary sciences; in order to qualify them to contribute efficiently to maintaining security, stability and peace of mind across the UAE.

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