Abu Dhabi Police arrested four young people (two Gulf and two Asian Nationals) and confiscated 10 kilograms of hashish found concealed in coffee bags hidden on a farm in Abu Dhabi..

Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), stressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to acquire the appropriate capabilities and skills to thwart criminal activities and to identify, arrest, and prosecute the perpetrators. He also called upon community members, nationals and residents alike, to report any violations and illegal behaviors.

According to Colonel Borshid, the Criminal Investigation Department operates according to an elaborate security system that studies and analyzes cases, looks for common evidence, and seeks to uncover the mysteries associated with crimes, in an effort to identify offenders. It also seeks to place drug dealers under surveillance in order to thwart their precautionary measures and defeat their criminal approach.

Adding further, Colonel Borshid said: “The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), represented by the Anti-Drug Section, has achieved remarkable successes in thwarting drug trafficking, smuggling and possession, according to the Abu Dhabi Police's strategy, which aims to fight drugs, uncover drug trafficking schemes, arrest drug peddlers, and save society, especially young people, from the adverse effects of drugs.”

Elaborating on the details of the case, Colonel Sultan Suwayeh Al Darmaki, Head of the Anti-Drug Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), said that the section recently received a reliable tip-off about a number of suspects involved in drug peddling and abuse.

He said: “A work team was commissioned and the suspects were placed under close surveillance, to validate the received information. Following a concise legal procedure, the team managed to arrest two suspects in a public place, identified as (A. N) - 28 years old and (F.H)- 28 years old, Gulf Nationals), in possession of narcotic rolls and pills and other types of contraband, stashed in their vehicle.”

Adding further, Colonel Al Darmaki explained that nothing was found at the suspects’ residence upon inspection. However, following a raid at a farm where one of the suspects stays frequently, the police found and arrested two Asian Nationals, identified as (M. K) - 28 years old and (R. A) - 20 years old, acting suspiciously. Extensive search of the premises, the police found a significant amount of narcotics concealed in coffee bags, inside a black cloth bag, hidden in a wooden caravan at the farm.

Upon questioning, the suspects confessed that the seized materials found in their possession belong to them. They were referred with the confiscated drugs to the competent authorities, for further investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

It is worth mentioning that the Abu Dhabi Police is committed to responding to public reports in order to strengthen security, stability, and crime prevention. Members of the public can communicate with the Abu Dhabi Police via the Aman service to deliver information regarding security and social issues round-the-clock in Arabic, English and Urdu. To do so, they can dial the toll-free number, 8002626, send an SMS to 2828, send an e-mail to Aman via the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters' website, (www.aman.gov.ae), or call the Operations Room on 999.

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