The Abu Dhabi Police have recently seized a photocopy studio in the city of Bani Yas for its involvement in forging medical leave documents, selling them as low as AED 50 per medical leave in order to encourage demand.

Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), indicated that two “typographers” (one Hindi and another Bengali) were involved in forging medical leave documents by using electronic devices and stamps and in amending some documents using sophisticated software in order to formalize the documents and ensure its ability to be used as a legal document.

Calling upon the public to report similar cases to minimize risks, Colonel Dr. Borshid said: “These counterfeit leaves are a waste of the country’s resources and facilities; and are an obstacle that impedes development and construction.”

Moreover, he confirmed that the Criminal Investigation Department includes a selection of qualified officers and staff members who are able to fight against forgery and counterfeiting, to arrest offenders in their secret hideouts, and to foil their criminal attempts.  “No matter how evolved crimes have become, the Abu Dhabi Police harness all of the material and technical capabilities in order to further develop its human resources potential, to combat crimes such as this, and to cope with today’s challenges,” he said.

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Taher Al Dhaheri, Head of Organized Crime in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), dated the details of the incident back to last October. According to Lt. Colonel Al Dhaheri, sources had provided confidential information regarding a studio’s involvement in selling medical leave documents.

He said: “The continuous security surveillance resulted in confirming the validity of the information received. By following the regulated procedures, the teams set up a trap for the suspects (Z. M., age 23) and (M. H., age 32); and arrested them after a confidential source was able to purchase a medical leave document. They were also found in possession of a quantity of forged medical certificates and other documents under process.”

During interrogation, the two suspects confessed to their involvement in the crime and to forging medical leave documents in order to illegally obtain money.
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