Participants enrolled in the second Distinguished Competencies Program at the Ministry of Interior recently reviewed the ministry’s Smart Library, which is considered the first of its kind in terms of harnessing modern technology in the area of sciences and spread of knowledge.

The smart library www.smartlibrary.aecontains a wide variety of digital information sources, including approximately 14,000 e-books; 8,000 periodic scientific journals; more than 3,000 online newspapers that are updated every minute; and thousands of Master’s and Phd thesis and dissertations from across the world; in addition to digital solutions and smart audiovisual programs that support the expansion of knowledge or academic attainment for all MoI staff members.

As a part of the visit, participants toured the smart hall, where they examined the interactive meeting table, the general-purpose chairs and the digital information sources provided by the Smart Library that are available for use round the clock. They were also acquainted with the digital library and its global search engines, which allow easy access to books, magazines, academic researches and other advanced services.

It is worth mentioning that the Distinguished Competencies Program at the MoI, supervised by the Leadership Development and Creativity Center at the General Secretariat of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, is designed to prepare develop the promising abilities of the future creative officers. It also reflects the ministry’s keenness to continue implementing unique quality programs, which are centered on enhancing police performance, to support the bid to maintain excellence in customer service and improve performance indicators.

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