A total of 20 creative individuals participating in the second program to sponsor creative individuals and innovation at Abu Dhabi Police have visited the United Kingdom in a bid to become better acquainted with the best practices in the field of creativity and innovation.  The sponsored program endeavors to further invest in the innovative capabilities of the creative personnel from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and empower them with the latest global knowledge. During their excursion, the participants visited the following locations in the UK: the Metropolitan Police in London, the Institute of Science and Technology (IST), the Manchester Police, Manchester University, the National Graphene Institute, and the Science Museum in London.  

Lt. Colonel Dr. Omar Ibrahim Al Ali, Director of the Creativity and Leadership Development Center at the Ministry of Interior, indicated that the United Kingdom was selected as the destination for the visit due to its status as one of the world’s most advanced countries in this field.

 “The visit falls in line with the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior to prepare creative personnel based on scientific and practical foundations throughout the innovative and creativity processes,” he said. “This process includes training, which contributes to the support and encouragement needed in the provision of a stimulating environment for innovation.” He pointed out that the visit included the organization of brainstorming sessions to exchange constructive ideas and discussion with officials from police institutions and bodies.

He noted that a training course was also held regarding how to generate innovative ideas and how to face challenges and find the optimal ways to solve them. The trainings involved specialized field experts in a bid for the participants to reap the most benefits from the scheduled training program included in the Creativity and Innovation Development Program of the Ministry of Interior.
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