The General Secretariat of the Ministry of Interior's Award for Innovative Police Ideas has announced their decision to postpone the deadline for submitting nomination applications for those wishing to participate in the first edition of the award. The award is comprised of various categories dedicated to police innovation and creation - with applications now eligible to be received through early September.

Major General Dr. Abdul Quddous Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Deputy Head of the MoI’s Award for Innovative Police Ideas, said that the decision to postpone the deadline from 1 July to 1 September, 2015 was to provide more time for the submission of nomination applications. He pointed out that this move is in line with the Ministry’s strategy to further promote innovation and with the wishes of the public. He pointed out that the award seeks to share the best practices and creative ideas that have been implemented within the policing fields of international police departments. It also aims to develop the creative sense of the public in a proactive manner, encouraging them to actively participate in the progress and the quality of services, and to enhance cooperation between the police organization and the various segments of society.

“The award aims to attract the best practices and creative ideas related to police and security,” he added. “This will not only develop these fields on local and global levels, but it will also create a more competitive environment for security agencies and institutions and build partnerships with the entities working in innovation and creativity fields.” He pointed that Awards Secretariat based in the capital, Abu Dhabi, will begin to receive nominations, in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Award, via the website: through next September.

The conference will be held every two years during the month of December, where officials from police and security forces from around the world will be invited. The names of the winners will be announced and they will be honored at the conference. Following the conference, the winning projects will be released and implemented.

It is worth mentioning that the award includes 10 areas for potential entries: creativity in the criminal field, creativity in traffic, creativity in modern technologies, creativity in customer service, creativity in economic security, creativity in environment (green applications), creativity in human resources, creativity in social initiatives, creativity in support of human rights, and creativity in judicial security. For further details visit the website mentioned above.

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