The Crisis and Disaster Management Department affiliated to the Directorate General of Central Operations of Abu Dhabi Police carried out a successful mock drill to evacuate the department’s main building. During the operation, paramedics administered first aid to the injured that were evacuated from the building.

Civil Defense and ambulance vehicles, as well as other supporting police entities were immediately dispatched to the scene, and staff members were immediately evacuated from the building.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Nasser Al Kindy, Head of the Crisis and Disasters Department, said: “As per the scenario, the Operations Room received a tip-off on the outbreak of a fire on the first floor of the building, which had spread to the second floor. Two staff members suffered from smoke inhalation during the incident. The Department’s first aid team managed to transfer the injured from the second floor outside of the building pending the arrival of the ambulance team, who managed to rescue the other injured on the first floor. Paramedics provide the necessary first aid and medical care to both injured.

Captain Khaled Al Obaidly revealed that the drill embodies the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to provide the highest standards of safety to staff members and the public, in line with the ISO Environment, Health and Safety Certification. “This aims to qualify police staff members to handle accidents and acquaint them with the proper action to take in order avoid any potential risks,” he concluded.

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