Under the auspices of the Martyrs’ Families Affairs Office, and the slogan “This is what Zayed loves most”, the Ministry of Interior’s councils will discuss next Tuesday the topic of “the Emirati Personality…the Roots and Ambitions”. The councils will be held in all the emirates, while the Dubai Police Officers Club will host the Martyr’s Tent council.

The councils will discuss the Emirati personality that is deeply rooted in the heart and soul of each citizen, and the unrelenting and boundless ambition of this personality. The main topic will include three aspects; the first will introduce the factors formulating the human personality, which is based on two main factors, being home education and school education.

The second aspect will focus on the impact and interactions of the Emirati personality, as well as the extent and methods of achieving positive patriotism. The last aspect will discuss the current and future realities of the Emirati personality, and will highlight the achieved successes and excellence by following in the footsteps of Zayed, and the participation in a future, promising further successes.

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