The Ministry of Interior has launched an instant messaging service for the public via its website and smart phone application UAE-MOI, so as to enhance effective communication channels with customers; by assigning an employee to respond to the various queries related to the Ministry’s electronic and smart services and to receive complaints. Note that this service is also available for people with special needs.

Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the Smart Government at the Ministry of Interior, explained that the IM Chat service will be provided in Arabic and English, and via email, should the employee assigned to respond to customers’ queries is busy, which allows the applicant or the inquirer to send his notes and communicate later with the employee in charge.

Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari emphasized the ministry's keenness to acquaint customers with the sophisticated service projects already achieved, which will help save time and effort in obtaining such services. ‘“The MoI adopted a comprehensive approach in all applicable language to promote the E-Services via mass media and social media channels. This aims to facilitate access to the services to the widest range of customers in a smart and streamlined way. It has also made sure to establish performance indicators to measure services performance according to governmental standards and assess performance of the different service provision channels,” he continued.

Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari called upon the public to avail of the new service and to submit their proposals and inquiries around the clock, so as to contribute to the development of services in accordance with their aspirations, by calling 8005000 or by emailing on said that the suggestions shall be studied by specialized teams at the ministry and included in the development process for current or future services.

The Ministry of Interior had endeavored to upgrade the quality of services streamlining the flow and availability of data on the website , via a revamp in the website’s domain hosting, structure, design, accessibility and usability, and multi-language content. Moreover, Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari noted that the Ministry has also enhanced e-participation and social networking platforms, information security and protection and promotion tools, aimed at raising awareness among the public.

Our Services within Your Reach

Within the framework of its efforts to upgrade the e-services provided to customers; the Ministry of Interior seeks to formulate and implement policies and initiatives by using information and communication technologies in an innovative and intelligent way, with the aim of achieving public’s expectations and boosting the country’s global competitiveness, while making the UAE one of the best countries in the world in this aspect.

Moreover, the Ministry of Interior provides all segments of society with advanced and user-friendly techniques. It also seeks to live up to its slogan “Our Services Within your Reach... Your Satisfaction is our Aim” by providing electronic services in a secure way through a streamlined and convenient process that requires an Emirates ID card. The ministry constantly endeavors to keep abreast of the latest developments with the aim of serving customers. To this end, it has allocated the phone number 800500 to receive their enquiries during business hours to facilitate the completion of transactions and receive proposals that would enhance the services provided to them via the Email:

UAE-MOI Services Round the clock

The Ministry of Interior provides several advanced services round the clock through its smart phone application UAE-MOI. The MoI platform supports Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows compatible smart phones. It connects users to a number of partners in the UAE, vehicle inspection and insurance companies; as well as to the ministry’s website through the unified login mechanism (username and password) in order to obtain services from any channel of electronic communication. Users can register once using the single sign-in feature on the website or through smart phones, and gain access to all of the Ministry of Interior’s services.

The “Hemayati” Package

Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of Smart Government Program at the Ministry of Interior, said that the Hemayati Package, which was an idea originally created by the Ministry of Interior, reflects the support coveted from telecommunications operators. He also lauded the response and support of Etisalat to implementing this project, and expressed his hope to see other entities follow suit in launching similar initiatives that enhance safety and security of society using modern technologies to reflect the sense of social responsibility.

He added: “The Hemayati Package, under the motto ‘To always know the whereabouts of your children… search for the Hemayati Package’, benefits both the head of the family and the family members. It allows them to track their children’s whereabouts constantly, and includes a real time communication feature to communicate with family members throughout the day.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari encouraged parents to avail of this valuable package by visiting Etisalat website on  and the ministry’s smart phone application UAE-MOI, to register on the “Hemayati” system. He said: “To register for this package, the user needs to log in his ID card number; he will then receive a message with a PIN code generated by the system. Entering the PIN code allows verification of the phone owner’s identity, and the registration is completed through the application itself. The husband can add his wife to his account. To do so, he needs to enter her ID Number and e-mail. The wife will then receive an e-mail, with a link listing the terms of use and conditions, which she should accept in order to complete the registration process.”

The “Hemayati” Application

The Ministry of Interior has provided the Hemayati Application in response to the directives of the higher leadership, and out of the firm belief in the importance of leveraging modern technologies to develop smart and up-to-date services, to serve the UAE’s “national agenda” objectives. The application relates to the fields of security and policing, with a goal to make the UAE one of the safest places in the world by achieving a complete sense of security. It also comes as a response to the requests of the parents wishing to know the whereabouts of their children.

To ensure further safety of children, the app provides parents and caregivers with real-time communication with children through this App at all times. HEMAYATI also provides an ingenious SOS feature built-in, enabling children to send distress calls to their parents when they feel threatened, and then go on to notify the Operations Room about the SOS notification with a single click.  It also enables the police to keep in constant contact with the families and their children in order to deal with the "Smart SOS" as notifications of the highest priority. It also enables the police to quickly respond to emergencies.

Family members can communicate through the application by clicking on the picture of one of the family member on the map; the name and the last known whereabouts of the latter appear. They can call or text or request a location. These features will be only accessible to family members through a chat called “private group”. The application features distinguished safety specifications and privacy features for users. It helps to determine the whereabouts of children in case they go missing.
To download and install the app, please look for the app on “Apple Store” by typing “HEMAYATI.”

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