The Organizational Structures Development Department, affiliated to the General Directorate of Strategy and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior, organized a workshop marking the beginning of the second phase of organizational structure’s efficiency evaluation at the Ministry of Interior.

Colonel Mohammed Hamid bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, Strategy and Performance Development Director General at the Ministry of Interior, emphasized the police leaders’ attention to assess the outcomes of the organizational structures’ evaluation and to ensure the optimal use of available human and financial resources. He also highlighted the need to spread organizational structures development across the Ministry of Interior’s different sectors, and to improve police work according to the advanced international best standards. He noted out that the work groups at the Ministry have started organizational structures’ evaluation process at many headquarters and general directorates at the ministry.

Colonel Al Dhaheri stressed the keenness to implement the Ministry of Interior’s strategic goals and initiatives in terms of development and continuous improvement, with a view to boost police performance and the level of the different services provided to the public, based on the best practices applied across the ministry.

The workshop, which was moderated by Major Sultan Mohammed Al Niyadi and Captain Hamad Al Ra’ie Al Shamesi, from the Organizational Structures Development Department at the Ministry of Interior, highlighted the objectives of the organizational structures evaluation process. The objectives include identifying the key strengths and weaknesses reached following the evaluation; the main challenges faced by organizational structures; and the adequate solutions to these challenges, according to a specific and studied time plan; all of which are intended to achieve the best results and practices that serve police work and achieve public good.

The workshop reviewed the most important evaluation outcomes, and discussed the key challenges and the adequate solutions and recommendations as well as the different steps, mechanisms and goals of the organizational structures evaluation process at the Ministry of Interior. They include; reviewing the different disciplines and ensuring that they match the organizational unit through strategic goals and topics; classifying the administrative process’s levels, operational work procedures and quality guidelines; in addition to evaluating the efficiency of organizational units via the productivity performance indexes and according to the evaluation criteria.

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