The Directorate General of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior has called upon the public to adopt preventive behavior and to abstain from any wrongdoing during the Eid Al Adha holiday. This can be accomplished by adhering to the necessary requirements of prevention and the conditions of safety in order to maintain both individual and communal safety.

Major General Jassem Muhammad Al Marzouqui, Civil Defense General Commander-in-Chief, asserted that nation’s civil defense teams have intensified their preparations for the holidays and Eid celebrations in order to respond to the increased travel and recreational trips, which requires full readiness in the event of an accident. The teams also ascertain that safety and prevention measures are adhered to in public places, recreational areas, shopping malls and other popular gathering places where families meet during the holidays.

He called upon the public to abide by the standards and safety conditions at home, and especially in kitchens due to the increasing use of flammable substances. He urged for vigilance in the home, and to avoid unsafe behavior that may lead to an outbreak of fire and the subsequent repercussions that will dim the holiday cheer.

Major General Al Marzouqui urged families and community members to ensure that electric and gas cooking stoves in homes are up to safety standards, to seek the help of professional technicians to regularly check and fix any malfunction, and to prevent children from accessing kitchens in an effort to protect them from flames or hot liquids. He also advised them against using barbecues or grills indoors.

Moreover, he appealed to parents to exercise caution while at public parks, gardens and beaches; to follow the instructions on signage; and to observe the safety guidelines at home before leaving the house.

He called on community members to cooperate with the Civil Defense and to immediately report any accidents in order to facilitate the dispatch of rescue and firefighting teams. He also urged the public to yield to Civil Defense vehicles as they perform their duty and to not crowd accident sites or park their vehicles in front of fire hydrants.

Concluding, Major General Al Marzouqui stressed that Civil Defense stations are working to raise the levels of readiness for the firefighting and rescue teams in order to respond to any fires or other emergencies, which falls within the framework of the general preparations of the Directorate General of Civil Defense for the Eid Al Adha holiday. Civil Defense stations across the UAE are on standby and are ready to receive reports around-the-clock.  For emergencies, call 999 or 997.

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